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Original title: Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park KN95 Mask Production Line Put into Production Since the COVID-19 pandemic, masks have become the most urgent epidemic prevention materials. With the arrival of the domestic resumption of work and the spread of the epidemic abroad, the demand for both daily masks and medical masks with special protection level is increasing. In Zhengzhou Airport District, some enterprises seize opportunities, take the initiative to change, break through bottlenecks, and establish a number of mask production lines. After nearly a month of efforts, "Hong Kong-made" masks will add "new members". On April 2, in the production workshop of Zhengzhou yuanchuangjiyin Industrial Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "yuanchuangjiyin") located in Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park, a batch of brand-new KN95 masks were successfully produced, marking the first time that high-efficiency filtration and purification masks were "made in the port area". The production line enters the commissioning stage. It is expected to be put into mass production in mid-April. In the clean production workshop of yuanchuangjiyin, we can see that several workers in protective suit are busy on the production line. After inspection, KN95 protective masks were automatically sorted and packaged. Wearing his own mask, Yang Jingwei, the head of yuanchuangjiyin production line, introduced the production process of the mask to us in detail. Feeding,Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate, pressing into the bridge of the nose, ultrasonic welding, bending, cutting, coding, packaging.. These processes are combined with 50 grams of electret melt-blown cloth, then placed in an ethylene oxide sterilization box for 8 hours of sterilization,KN95 Face Mask, and analyzed in the natural environment for 7-14 days to produce protective masks for medical staff. At present, yuanchuangjiyin KN95 mask automatic production line has met the production conditions, and is expected to be put into production in batches in mid-April, with a daily production capacity of 30000. In the follow-up, it will further expand its production capacity, expand 3-4 automatic KN95 mask and medical protective mask production lines, and implement 24-hour rotation and uninterrupted production. It is expected to reach the production capacity of 300,000 masks per day in the future. Products for the international market It has been certified by the European Union and the United States yuanchuangjiyin was originally a life science and technology high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in stem cell medical beauty and cancer immunotherapy business, and was stationed in Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park under Xinggang Investment Group in 2018. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Dr. Zhao Hui, who has worked in the medical industry for many years, donated masks and other medical supplies to the front line of epidemic prevention for the first time, CE Certificate KN95 Mask ,KN95 Face Mask, only to find that "one mask is hard to find". Expand the full text Why not use the company's existing dust-free workshop to produce their own masks? Therefore, Zhao Hui quickly called a team to Suzhou to inspect the mask production enterprises, and began to purchase raw materials, production equipment and qualification certification. With the support and coordination of the Party and Labor Committee, the Management Committee, the District Business Bureau, the Economic Development Bureau, the Food and Drug Administration, the People's Social Bureau and the Office of the Airport Experimental Zone and the operation center of the park, yuanchuangji successfully introduced the first fully automatic KN95 mask production line in Zhengzhou Airport District on March 22 to overcome the difficulties of equipment transportation and limited supply of raw materials. FDA certification EU CE certification "With the spread of global COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for masks abroad has surged." Yang Jingwei said, "Compared with N95 mask that follow American standards, the protection level of KN95 masks produced in the port area is comparable." At present, yuanchuangjiyin's products have been certified by CE of the European Union and FDA of the United States, and have the export conditions of Europe and the United States, and many foreign enterprises have consulted purchase orders. After the commissioning of the production line, yuanchuangjiyin will put KN95 masks into full production and send them to all parts of the world with the help of the logistics hub advantages of Zhengzhou Airport District. The first wild goose leads the flock of wild geese. Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park is ready to be launched In 2018, Zhao Hui, the leader of Zhihui Zhengzhou 1125 entrepreneurship team and chairman of yuanchuangjiyin, took a fancy to the good policy environment, professional support, transportation and market advantages of Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park, as well as the perfect support system of the whole process of biomedicine, and settled the enterprise here. Two years later, under the urgent background of the sudden attack of the epidemic, relevant units have made great efforts to help and overcome difficulties, and finally solved all kinds of problems such as mask production equipment, core raw material melt-blown cloth, storage space, analysis place and so on, so as to press the "fast forward key" for the development of enterprises.
As the first batch of enterprises signed into Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park, yuanchuangjiyin KN95 mask will become the first enterprise formally put into operation in the park after it is put into production. The "head goose" leads the "flock of geese" to fly together. At present, Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park North District has signed 16 biomedical enterprises, most of which are nearing the end of the decoration project, and is expected to enter the intensive production period from July. In addition to the KN95 mask production line of yuanchuangjiyin, the production lines of surgical mask, medical dressings and nucleic acid detection reagents for COVID-19 are also under intensive preparation. As the largest life science and biomedical R & D and production innovation and entrepreneurship base under construction in Henan Province, Zhengzhou Airport Biomedical Park has gradually highlighted its industry influence and industrial cluster effect. In the future, the park will take this opportunity to further focus on the needs of enterprise growth and development, constantly improve and innovate the development model of the park,Full Body Disposable Coverall, so that enterprises, platforms and funds can interact and develop in this ecological circle, and build the largest life science and biotechnology industry base in Henan Province with regional characteristics as soon as possible. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com



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