Pass through the flowers.

Pass through the flowers.

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Roommate in the acting skills gradually weak, Lin Qiaoqiao can not be close to this sheep wool, she shifted the target, took a fancy to several old people with good acting skills in the group performance. Unfortunately, these people's degree of involvement in the play is not one or two points worse than that of their roommates. At this moment, she remembered the happiness when she stole Su's degree of involvement in the play. Just one play is enough for her to perform perfectly for more than an hour. Lin Qiaoqiao bit her lower lip and looked at the desert in front of her, sighing, thinking that she had only ten minutes left of her perfect acting skills. She had a sense of crisis that her savings were about to run out. And this time, one of the reasons why she worked so hard to find a relationship to get into Long Distance is that this is the only chance for her to get close to Su. Not only that, she also knew that the future female number two would leave the crew because of physical reasons. In her previous life, the female number two was replaced by a less famous actress in the circle. The actress became famous for this box office hit movie and became a second-rate star. What Lin Qiaoqiao thinks is, since that actress can rely on "long distance" famous, why can't she? God gave her a chance to be reborn, and gave her such a golden finger, which is to tell her that she can't be mediocre in her life. Lin Qiaoqiao firmly believed in this, so she selectively forgot that she had been beaten up by Su not long ago, and deeply regretted that she had provoked her. Lin Qiaoqiao wants to rely on this opportunity, completely famous-her ambition has been completely diffuse out, no matter how can not hide. That comely face, reflecting the exuberant ambition,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, she thought triumphantly, as long as she can-can once again contact the state of the play in the Su, she will be able to get plenty of perfect acting time! As for George Qing, who was clearly playing with Su, she did not want to steal his degree of involvement in the play. Although he had been indifferent to her not long ago, he was the male God of her youth, and she could not bear to do such a thing to him. But for Su,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, that's different. Lin Qiaoqiao thought, she is a famous and dissolute woman, even if the acting is good, so what? It's just a disgusting woman. She even got into trouble with her male God and gave her a slap. She deserves to be stolen by her. Next she will not be merciful, she will certainly try her best to use her golden finger to take away her degree of involvement in the play. At this time, Lin Qiaoqiao already knew that the degree of stealing into the play would affect the acting skills of the person who was stolen. But she still did not change her vicious heart, and she swore in her heart that she would achieve the goal of this trip. Evolved from the group to the female number two, and at the same time stole the degree of Su's involvement in the play. Only in this way can she live up to the purpose of rebirth. Lin Qiaoqiao thought and snickered. The author has something to say: Tomorrow's update is in the wee hours. I must refuel to write! I guess you can see it in a few hours! Please comment a lot and praise me. The next chapter is to abuse Lin Qiaoqiao! And, "Long Distance" is almost over. Soon after the end of "Long Distance", the world will end! Chapter Table of Contents 43. Drama queen (11) This is the first time that Ningcheng has seen Su Wei acting. In the desert, the young policewoman was wearing a gray coat, black trousers and Martin boots. She was very thin and travel-stained. The policewoman looked distressed, and when she learned from the communication device in her hand that the hostage had died, she fell into grief and helplessness. The truck driver jumped out of the truck. He caught a glimpse of her with red eyes. "What's the matter with you?" He asked with concern. Huang Cancan waved her hand, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,glass cream jars, and she took out a cigarette from her pocket, lit it shakily, and held it between her lips, not wanting to speak any more. Falling and charming, she stood still in the morning sun, her pale and thin fingers holding the smoke, and the little smoke rose before her eyes. Ning Cheng restrained his expression at this moment, and he looked at her quietly. And then conversation, drunkenness.. At the end of the day, Su played opposite the second man, and late at night, the boat play also appeared. This time Su Wei refused to let Ning Cheng see her acting again. She pushed him and asked him to go back to the hotel to rest, shaking his head like a rattle. He was not allowed to see her naked face to face with Chu Zhiyao.
In fact, when performing a boat show, how can it be all Chiguoguo? It's just that Su thinks it's not good to act in front of him like this. Ningcheng also answered and did not go to see it. I just have a grudge in my heart. Sitting in the car, he smoked a cigarette lazily. His assistant was helping him send and receive documents. Seeing the way he smoked, he suddenly said, "General Manager Ning, you and Miss Su are really similar in the way you smoke." Ning Cheng was stupefied, for a long time, the lips just rolled up a smile, he was thoughtful: "Is it?" The young man was very honest: "Yes, she really looks like Miss Su. I can't say where she looks like. But that's the feeling. When acting, she looks like you." Ningcheng coughed twice, he pinched the cigarette, Yingying smiled, inexplicably a little happy: "probably get along for a long time, so it will be a bit like it." When he spoke, his attitude was still cold, but the assistant boy had been with him for a long time and knew that he was in a good mood now. The boy can not help but be shocked, he is also seen Ningcheng talked about a lot of women, now for Su and heart, become more tender than before, is really never seen the situation. He stole another glance at him and found that that corner of his eyes were already cur. The man looked at the scenery outside. In the middle of the night, it was already very cold in the northwest. He thought about it and said to the assistant boy, "Order something hot and send it to the crew." The assistant answered well and ordered takeout directly. When the takeout arrived, Ningcheng did not go in immediately. He was ready to wait until Su came out, but before he could, he heard a noise inside. There were cries, scolds, and the angry voice he knew so well. Miss Lin, what are you crazy about? Frivolous people to this point, you are crazy female upper body?! "Sue, don't say it." Chu Zhiyao in the side to persuade her,30ml Dropper Bottle, he frowned, soft voice to comfort her: "I am nothing serious, just touched by her." 。



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